Cake Decoration

Lenght: 4 Months

Operational techniques acquired: identify tools and utensils assimilating its proper use. Apply properly modeling techniques of figures in edible pastes, flowers of paste, pastillage, fondant, among others. Professionally decorate cakes and pies for any occasion. Labor categorization: The course enables the graduate to work as a cake and pie decorator according to the type of event.

Goals of the program Cake Decoration

Acquire techniques such as modeling figures in edible pastes, paste flowers, pastillage, fondant, among others; and all the secrets that will allow you to professionally decorate cakes and pies for any occasion.

Study material, uniform and raw materials included

Each CEU course from IGA is supported by an excellent quality study material. Students who enroll in our courses will receive a tablet which will be used to access to all the theory and practice material of the course.

By signing up into the CEU course, IGA students receive a complete uniform, composed by a chef's hat and a kitchen apron.

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