Diploma Culinary Arts

Lenght: 8 Months

This Program consists of a comprehensive and professional training which offers an improvement in culinary, allowing students to meet the society needs, through the Diploma program that facilitates an effective integration into the initial labor market.

During the learning process, the graduate will obtain the basic and professional skills required to perform competently and comprehensively the gastronomic processes linked to care recipient, notably improving the food and service in hotels and restaurants.

Goals of the program Diploma Culinary Arts

- To train students starting on the path as a culinary professional in restaurants, hotels, resorts, professional kitchens and more, preparing nutritionally balanced menus.
- To provide knowledge and techniques about culinary business applications, with an in-depth analysis of business strategies and their environment.
- To develop the attitudes and values required to prepare responsable and mindful professionals, with ethical conscious and values, capable of improving the quality of life.

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