Healthy Cuisine

Lenght: 3 Months

This program is designate to study nutrients and their interaction with health and disease worlds. The knowledge of food handling techniques.

Importance of handling food correctly for the integrity and preservation of health. Develop and recognize the importance of monitoring the nutritional quality of menus as a way to promote health. Obtain the consumer acceptability and their eating habits.

Preparation of healthy dishes, to enlarge the menus offered in restaurants and to advise staff in selecting the right foods.

Some preparation:
Soufflé, tarts, crepes, brochettes, lasagna, fish, vegetables, special pasta, special pizza and bread, macrobiotic cuisine.

Goals of the program Healthy Cuisine

- Recognize nutrient principle. Food product and food source.
- Identify and analyze energy from food. Recognize suggestions of daily energy intake for healthy populations.
- Prepare different recipes with carbohydrates, proteins and fats, classify vitamins and minerals.
- Identify and recognize micronutrients functions and food sources.
- Recognize loss of micronutrients in foods processed by different cooking methods.
- Prepare different recipes for adults and children. Differentiate needed for each group.
- Prepare different recipes according diverse pathologies and diseases.

Study material, uniform and raw materials included

Each CEU course from IGA is supported by an excellent quality study material. Students who enroll in our courses will receive a tablet which will be used to access to all the theory and practice material of the course.

By signing up into the CEU course, IGA students receive a complete uniform, composed by a chef's hat and a kitchen apron.

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