Little Chefs III - Advanced

Lenght: 8 Months

Level III: For children who have passed Level II and are OVER 12 years old.

The recipes, preparations and presentations complexes, allowing the students a progressive and gradual learning and application of techniques learned. It’s encouraged to work as a team, respecting the rules and times stipulated, benefiting the autonomy of each student.

Some preparations:

Vegetables preparation and cut, ratatouille, sautéed, meringues, pionono, country bread, Italian Cuisine, French Cuisine, festive presentations, Hungarian goulash, Galician empanada, American biscuit, Chilean chards.

Goals of the program Little Chefs III - Advanced

- Learn and apply advanced concepts of Food Safety and Hygiene, preventing diseases through the correct manipulation of food.
- Learn how to use kitchen utensils properly.
- Learning cooking techniques of bakery and pastry.
- Learning team work, respecting their peers and the teachers' instructions.
- Use different raw materials for obtaining and presenting International dishes.

Study material, uniform and raw materials included

Each CEU course from IGA is supported by an excellent quality study material. Students who enroll in our courses will receive a tablet which will be used to access to all the theory and practice material of the course.

By signing up into the CEU course, IGA students receive a complete uniform, composed by a chef's hat and a kitchen apron.

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